How to create a great atmosphere at your home

Stick up some removable wall decals.

If wallpaper is too much of a hassle, go for a similar look without the commitment. Stick-on vinyl wall decals will instantly add character to your space.

Add interesting light switch covers in every room.

Little details matter. If you want to make your space less boring, take out those outlet covers that came with your house and replace them with more visually-exciting variations, like wooden ones or those with ornate details.

Don’t stick to a single store.

If you want to spice it up, you’ve got to shop around.

“Don’t shop for everything for your home in one place. That is most certainly the formula for boring,” says interior designer Vincent Wolf of New York-based Vincente Wolf Associates. “You want to mix up the look with different ideas, giving your home depth and individuality.”

Mix and match your dining room chairs.

A little whimsy goes a long way when it comes to making your house look more interesting. To achieve this look in your dining room, mix and match chairs in different styles, but with complementary tonal palettes.

Add some floating shelves.

Need a new way to display your books that’s more appealing than those stacks on your nightstand? Add some floating shelves to your walls for a look that’s truly magical.

Have some patterned woodwork installed.

If you have some cushion in your décor budget, have new flooring installed in a pattern, like herringbone, instead of just a typical vertical orientation.

Add color to your hallway.

Adding some bright color to a small space, like a hallway, can have a major payoff. And since hallways are typically smallish spaces, the color won’t overwhelm your home the way painting an entire room in a dramatic hue might.

Paint a patterned wall.

Who says that accent walls have to be a single color? If you want to spruce up your space without spending big, you can completely transform any room by painting a patterned accent wall—think stripes, polka dots, or a chevron pattern.

Add some intrigue with a coffered ceiling.

Make your ceiling the centerpiece of your room by having a contractor add a coffered ceiling (of if you’re handy, DIY one yourself). You can even paint the inside of the woodwork to add more dimension and allure.

Install a patterned runner on your stairs.

Instead of covering your stairs with a boring roll of beige jute, opt for a patterned runner instead. This small change will turn your staircase into a talking point, rather than an afterthought.

Combine classic and modern elements in a single room.

You don’t need to stick to a single time period in a room to make it look cohesive. Combining modern and antique elements in a space can liven it up, highlighting those older items without making the whole place look stuffy.